Students walking down the mall on the Penn State University Park campus

We are an interdisciplinary, diverse department dedicated to the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible recovery, processing, and utilization of earth resources.

The department is uniquely positioned to train students who will address the delicate balance between societal needs for more energy and mineral resources and the management, health and safety, and environmental impacts associated with the production, processing and utilization of these resources in a sustainable and responsible way. As a student-centered Department, Energy and Mineral Engineering seeks to inspire students to become technically proficient, adaptable learners by developing skills in problem-solving, team-building, and communication. To achieve this, the Department promotes active learning and discovery to motivate its students to become lifelong learners. Consistent with EMS College initiatives, the Department will promote both the research and international experiences of its undergraduate students These efforts, coupled with a strong drive to cultivate a richness in thought and experiences created by increasing diversity of the student body, reflects the Department‟s commitment to become a caring community that inspires faculty, staff, students, and alumni to high levels of achievement in academia, government, industry, and the broader society, both domestically and internationally.