Strategic Plan

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The EME strategic plan embraces six primary goals with multiple components. The six major goals are:

  • Goal 1 – Enhance the Quality of Undergraduate Programs
  • Goal 2 – Enhance the Quality of Graduate Education
  • Goal 3 – Enhance the Quality of Sponsored Research
  • Goal 4 – Grow a Global Presence
  • Goal 5 – Play a Leadership Role in Energy Outreach
  • Goal 6 – Ensure a Critical Mass of Faculty and Staff

All of these goals focus on achievements that will drive the department and its faculty and students to high levels of national and international visibility in the debates on energy and mineral related issues. There are numerous components to each of the goals including strategic initiatives, mechanisms to drive them, and metrics to assess successful performances. Several of the strategic initiatives are transformational in nature, either from the perspective of potential impacts regarding research on complex energy and mineral related issues or of a new level of synergy emerging among faculty and students who will address these complex issues in research or practice.