EME On-Campus Recruiting

A recruiter and student discuss career opportunities

The most effective way for recruiters to connect with EME students is through an on-site visit to the department. We encourage companies to hold an information session during which they can give some background on their organization and the type of positions they are looking to fill. This is typically followed by one or more days of scheduled interviews with those students in which the company has an interest.

We partner with the College of Engineering in using the eCareer online scheduling system (Symplicity software) to organize and arrange our recruiting visits. To ensure an efficient and satisfactory experience for both recruiters and students, please be sure to follow the process outlined in our information for recruiters section and information for students section.


For more information about EME On-Campus Recruiting, please contact Sara Peterson, our industry recruiting coordinator, at sfp3@psu.edu or 814-863-1707.