Transfer Students

If you have completed 18 or more credits at another college or university before enrolling at Penn State, you will be admitted as a transfer student. The Penn State Undergraduate Admissions office offers a comprehensive guide for transfer students, which includes a listing of application requirements and instructions on how to complete the credit transfer process.

When applying, transcripts must be sent and will be evaluated by the University's admissions office. Students must discuss with an advisor how transfer courses can meet their Penn State major or general education requirements. All general education substitutions must be approved by the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Many students start at another campus and typically transfer to University Park as juniors. Penn State refers to these students as change-of-campus students. If you are enrolled at another campus and are interested in one of our EME majors, we encourage you to contact the EME undergraduate staff assistant as early as possible to discuss your interests.

Transfer Requirements >>

This site from Penn State Admissions outlines the requirements necessary to transfer to Penn State.

Evaluate Transfer Courses >>

Penn State's online transfer course evaluation guide offered by the University's Office of Admissions.