The faculty in the John and Willie Leone Family Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering has a wide array of research expertise

Penn State's research enterprise develops and nurtures new researchers and industry leaders. Our research focus is the effective production, conversion, utilization, and management of energy and mineral resources. Some of our current research activities are:

  • alternate transportation fuels
  • new catalysts for chemicals production
  • respirable dust problems
  • enhanced recovery techniques for petroleum and gas reservoirs
  • imaging techniques for porous media
  • multiphase transport technology
  • site remediation technology
  • advanced particle technologies
  • advanced pollution control concepts
  • artificial neural networks
  • hearing conservation
  • risk assessment and management in mining health and safety
  • novel mining technologies

EMS Energy Institute - The Research Facilitator for EME Faculty >>

Many of the Department's faculty conduct their research through the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Energy Institute. The Institute maintains approximately 45,000 square feet of modern office and laboratory space. EME and the EMS Energy Institute faculty work closely to develop and execute a wide array of research programs. A prominent and successful example is the creation of industrially-driven consortia, which are centered around solving real world problems. One such endeavor involves working closely with the coal and carbon industries to examine non-fuel uses of coal. This industrial consortium was developed in late 1998 and currently enjoys a membership of nearly 60 companies. This successful consortium model is currently being modified and tailored for the oil and gas industry. The success of these industrial consorita is one example of how the unique relationship between the EME faculty and the EMS Energy Institute is meeting the needs of industry.